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Software PBX – CompletePBX 5, fully functional free virtual PBX, with up to 3 extensions, available for download.

Free Virtual PBX - CompletePBX

Sign up and download free, fully functional CompletePBX 5 evaluation VM now!

CompletePBX 5 evaluation system is a fully functional and free software PBX virtual machine. By running the virtual machine you will get access to all the built-in features of CompletePBX 5 software PBX.  The CompletePBX 5 evaluation virtual machine is limited to three extensions.

The evaluation system may be later on upgraded to any number of users by applying a proper license that may be purchased from Xorcom’s distribution channel.

CompletePBX Virtual Machine Hardware Requirements

Extensions/Calls (15%)50/10150/25500/751000/1503000/450
Regular PBXCPU: 1 core, RAM: 1GBCPU: 2 core, RAM: 2GBCPU: 2 cores aprox 2.0 GHz, RAM: 2GBCPU: 2 cores, aprox. 3.0 GHz, RAM: 4GBCPU: Xeon E3 4 cores aprox. 3 GHz, RAM: 4GB
Call Center with call recording30 calls70 calls150 calls
CPU: i3 2 cores aprox. 2.8 GB, RAM: 4GB, SSD preferableCPU: Xeon E3 4 cores aprox. 3.2 GHz, RAM: 8 GB, SSDCPU: Xeon E5 8 cores aprox. 3.6-4.0 GHz, RAM: 8GB, SSD
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