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CompletePBX 5.0, list of new features

FeatureCompletePBX v. 4.6 CompletePBX v 5.0 Comments
LinuxCenOS 6CentOS 7
Management systemFreePBXCompletePBX
Available on Xorcom Hardwareimage001image001
Available as Virtual Machineimage003image001The new VM capability opens up new ways to implement VoIP phone systems including in hosted in internal virtualization environments.
Class of Serviceimage003image001Advanced and granular management of extension permissions. Provides control and security to the VoIP PBX.
Authorization Codeimage003image001User may change an extension’s Class of Service for a specific call by dialing their authorization code.
Remote Substitutionimage003image001Allows user to use any phone as the user’s extension for one phone call
Cross-system searchimage003image001Trunks, extensions, features, users, conference rooms and many other aspects of the phone system are easily searchable.
Responsive interfaceimage003image001CompletePBX VoIP phone systems may be easily managed from any device.
Hot DeskingLimitedimage001SIP and analog phones may be used in Hot Desking environment.
Multiple Devices per UserLimitedimage001Each extension may have unlimited devices - VoIP, analog, deskphones and shoftphones associated with it.
Pickup Group ManagementLimitedimage001In v.4.x there was no group view/management, only per extensions
Coherent InterfaceLimitedimage001v.5 provides the same logic and look & feel throughout all the management and user portal dialogs.
Multi-Tab Interfaceimage003image001
Single Sign-Onimage003image001Different apps required separate login (Switchboard, reports etc).
Extensions Status View image003image001Allows viewing and controlling all diversions from a single view
Personal Time Groupimage003image001Allows user to define call diversions (call forward, boss/secretary, do-not-disturbe etc.) based on personal or global time conditions
Lock/Unlock Phoneimage003image001
Customer Codeimage003image001Allows user to designate a customer code to a specific call for tracking purposes. Call detail reports may be filtered by Customer Code, allowing, for example, billing of customer for time spent with them on the phone.
TwinStar - High Availability PBXimage001image001
Complete Concierge - Hotel PBXimage001image001Hotel PMS integration for CompletePBX phone systems.
CompleteSBC - Session Border Controllerimage001Currently not supportedSupported via a separate device

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