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CompletePBX change log

Latest news and updates of CompletePBX software

Hot-Desking, Voicemail and more Improvements in CompletePBX 5.0.21

New features Account code is no longer limited to numbers only.  Now account code may use letters and spaces as well as digits. Voicemail – it is now possible to set the maximum number of messages per folder Fixd issues Hot desking in some cases pickup did not work when using hot-desking.  Fixed....

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Fix for BLF Issue in CompletePBX 5.0.19

Bug Fixes BLF Behavior – fixes BLF issue that was introduced in version 5.0.18, caused by Night Mode improvement.  This fix also temporarily removes the Night Mode improvement from previous...

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D-Link phones, dial profiles and more in CompletePBX 5.0.18

New features & Improvements Dial Profiles – new dialog was added that allows creation of dialing options profiles that may later be implemented in Extensions and Trunks.  Dial profiles defines whether a call may be parked or transferred and by whom (caller, recipient or both), music on hold...

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French in PBX GUI, Polycom phones and more in CompletePBX 5.0.17

New features & Improvements French GUI translation has been added “Instructions Message” parameter was added in the IVR configuration dialog (PBX|Incoming Calls|IVR). This prompts is played now in case of the repeated IVR cycles instead of the “Welcome Message” that was used in the previous...

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CID Modifiers, Direct Voicemail & More in CompletePBX 5.0.16

New PBX Features & Improvements Caller ID Modifiers – new module that allows manipulation of caller ID name and number, by creating Modifiers and applying them  to Inbound Routes. Direct dial to voice mail – it is now possible to leave a message directly to voicemail without having to wait for...

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