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CompletePBX change log

Latest news and updates of CompletePBX software
Available for download as Free Virtual PBX

CompletePBX 5.0.44 – Improved PBX Language Support & Performance

Improvements Improved Spanish prompts – now PBX Spanish voice prompts include all the prompts available in the English version. Improved French voice prompts – Complete Concierge (Hospitality) PBX voice prompts added to the French voice prompts.  Now the French voice prompts include...

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CompletePBX 5.0.43 – New Phonebook Module, Shared VM BLF and More

Improvements  New Phonebook Directory Module A new Phonebook Directory module is now available (PBX -> Tools -> Phonebook).  The module manages phonebooks that can be retrieved by IP phones: Automatically generates PBX extensions phonebook It is possible to create unlimited additional phonebooks...

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CompletePBX 5.0.40 – PBX Improvements, Usability and Bug Fixes

Improvements   Cloud call recording icons – in case cloud call recording is activated it is now possible to see the local recording status in addition to the cloud recording status in the CDR.  For example, in case the calls were set to not be automatically deleted after uploading to the...

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CompletePBX 5.0.39 – Task Manager, Scheduled Backups and more

PBX Task Manager  A new Task Manager was added to CompletePBX 5 phone system management (Admin -> System Settings -> Task Manager). The task manager controls the running of predefined tasks, either add-hock, scheduled or recurring.  Each task is a script that the PBX Task Manager executes based on...

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CompletePBX 5.0.37 – Hotel PMS Interface, Internal Improvements

Complete Concierge Hotel PMS Interface for CompletePBX 5  Complete Concierge is now fully integrated into CompletePBX 5 GUI.   No need for external Windows configuration app. User interface significantly simplified. Call rates tab logic redesigned for ease of configuration and use. Import and...

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CompletePBX – Minor Release – Cleanup

Fixes Several regressions were detected after the release of version 5.0.36: PHP “fatal error” received when opening Time Condition.  Fixed Uploaded music-on-hold files do not appear in the list of available files in the GUI.  Fixed. It was not possible to configure music-on-hold per...

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