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CompletePBX 5 Software Updates

Reliability and Disaster Recovery Videos

Automated Failover for VoIP Telephone Systems with or Without Astribank

TwinStar Plus provides full redundancy for a complete IP-PBX system, including telephony interfaces — yet it is also optimized for pure IP environments. It works with CompletePBX VoIP telephone systems (CXE2000, CXE3000, Blue Steel 3000 and Blue Steel 4000) and also supports Asterisk® “Plug & Play” technology, which significantly improves reliability and reduces recovery time.

TwinStar – Live Demo of IP-PBX Failover Capability

Live demo of award-winning dual server VoIP redundancy solution launched at the IT Expo held in Miami Beach in early February. The solution is based on Xorcom’s XPP Technology, which leverages the benefits of USB2 technology to provide innovative telephony solutions for commercial installations.

More Technical Look at this Asterisk High-Availability VoIP Solution

This video provides a more detailed look at how the TwinStar provides full and automated redundancy for the VoIP server and telephony interfaces on the Xorcom Asterisk based IP-PBX appliances.

IP-PBX Disaster Recovery Using Backup and Restore

This video demonstrates how to use two disaster recovery utilities from Xorcom for IP-PBX: Xorcom Rapid Recovery (backup and restore utility) and Xorcom Live Rescue (a bootable disk-on-key that bypasses the hard disk to operate the VoIP system until maintenance can be scheduled).

Dedicated Redundant Power Supply for VoIP Telephony Interfaces

This video is a product overview of the Xorcom Redundant Power Supply unit, a microcomputer-based control system that constantly monitors power requirements and supply to hundreds of VoIP telephony ports, alerting the system administrator and balancing the load on the IP-PBX in the event of malfunction. In addition to the power supply units housed in the 19″ 1U rack-mountable product, up to eight internal USB 2.0 hubs with four ports each, for a total of up to 32 USB 2.0 connections, can be included.

C/XE Series: Advanced Line of IP-PBX Appliances

Introduction to XE Series Asterisk based IP-PBX

Xorcom CEO and Co-founder Eran Gal discusses highlights of the new XE Series high-end IP-PBX models, which feature built-in redundancy and premium components for top-notch reliability and performance, and an integrated touch panel for easy access to system maintenance features:

C/XE Series vs. C/XR Series of IP-PBX Appliances

Want to know what differentiates the XE Series of VoIP-enabled PBX models from the existing XR Series? Xorcom CEO Eran Gal explains the motivation and enhancements of the recently released products during a recent worldwide Partners’ Meeting:

How To Use the C/XE Series IP-PBX Touch Panel

The C/XE series of Xorcom’s IP-PBX appliances features a multi-function Liquid Crystal Display, or “LCD”, touch panel. This feature allows the system administrator to perform several of the most common administrative functions directly on the front panel of the PBX, without having to attach a keyboard and monitor. While the touch panel does not provide the entire range of controls supported by the Graphical User Interface, or “GUI”, which is accessed via a monitor, it is considerably more efficient for specific tasks, as you will see in the videos below.

Introduction to LCD Touch Panel Functionality on Xorcom C/XE Series IP-PBX

The XE Series high-end IP-PBX models from Xorcom include an integrated LCD touch panel for easy access to system maintenance features. In this video Xorcom’s CEO & Co-founder, Eran Gal, provides an overview of the LCD touch panel functionality:

How to Discover / Configure IP Address for Xorcom C/XE Series IP-PBX

This video describes how to use the LCD panel to discover the PBX IP Address when using the factory-default DHCP defined option. It also describes how to manually configure the IP Address using the LCD panel.

How to Map FXS Extension Numbers to Physical Ports using the C/XE Series IP-PBX Touch Panel

The LCD touch panel on the Xorcom XE Series of IP-PBX appliances provides an efficient way to match telephone extension numbers with physical FXS ports. This feature is very useful when attaching your telephone cables for the first time. It is also quite helpful during troubleshooting.

How to Restore the C/XE Series IP-PBX to Factory Default Settings

The C/XE series of Xorcom IP-PBX appliances supports a front panel USB port, as well as USB ports on the rear panel (two on the C/XE2000, four on the C/XE3000, CXT3000 Blue Steel and CXT4000 Blue Steel). In addition, there is a dedicated internal flash drive which, by default, is not activated. This internal flash drive provides “restore to factory default” functionality.

In this video you will see how to access the internal flash drive to activate the original PBX configuration. You will also learn how to add your own customized PBX configuration to that internal flash drive for use as a fallback.

VoIP Peripherals

Hardware-based VoIP Echo Cancellation Module (HWEC)

Xorcom has designed a hardware echo canceller module for its award-winning Astribank telephony interfaces and Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances. The module provides a high level of echo cancellation and voice enhancement while reducing load on the CPU, as compared to OSLEC, the software-based echo cancellation solution provided in the standard Asterisk framework.
Before you configure a system that includes the Xorcom hardware-based echo cancellation module you should be aware of a few design limitations:
1. HWEC is not supported in the XR1000 models.
2. For certain telephony module combinations not all port types will be able to use the HWEC.

Watch this video to learn how to set-up your IP-PBX telephony modules in the configuration that optimizes the use of the Hardware Echo Cancellation module from Xorcom.

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VoIP PowerPoint Presentations

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