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VoIP PBX Technical Updates

Xorcom Licensing System Version Upgrade

We have just completed a major version upgrade for the licensing system, improving both server side and client (PBX) side. The changes are aimed at: increased reliability better management tools on...

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Rapid Recovery v. 20170704 Available

The Rapid Recovery utility has been updated to v. 20170704. The new has an upgraded Linux kernel that improves compatibility with modern motherboards. The new version is fully compatible with...

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Fix for BLF Issue in CompletePBX 5.0.19

Bug Fixes BLF Behavior – fixes BLF issue that was introduced in version 5.0.18, caused by Night Mode improvement.  This fix also temporarily removes the Night Mode improvement from previous...

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CompletePBX Phone System Change Log 5.0.11

Import Extensions module – significant improvements: Now all extension attributes are imported via the CSV file, dropdown boxes were eliminated. This allows the creation of one file for all...

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CompletePBX Phone System Chang Log 5.0.10

Fixed a problem that caused the PBX to consider a hot desking extension as an available queue agent even when all extension’s devices are logged off Firewall configuration is applied much...

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