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Xorcom VoIP PBX Customer Reviews

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CompletePBX 5.0.66 – Important Privacy Fix

Important Call Recording Fix This version fixes a potential call recording issue introduced in version 5.0.65 Users that never upgraded to version 5.0.65 will not be affected For systems that are updated to version 5.0.65 it is highly recommended to upgrade to version 5.0.66 or higher as soon as possible Mitel PMS Protocol – PBX Interface Room Status Improvements in the Complete Concierge...

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CompletePBX 5.0.65 – Xorcom UC IP Phone Support

Xorcom UC Series IP Phones Provisioning Added The UC IP Phone series templates were added to the Endpoint Manager The available templates: UC902 – Basic IP Phone UC912G – 1GB IP Phone UC924 – Color IP Phone UC926 – Color IP Phone UC46 IP Phone Expansion Unit  Asterisk Version Update Asterisk version was updated to 13.25.0 solving some issues (see Bug Fixes below) For a...

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Multi-Tenant PBX – presentation & training

New Multi-Tenant PBX platform the Xorcom MT Manager Xorcom officially announces its new multi-tenant PBX platform the Xorcom MT Manager.  The MT Manager multi-tenant PBX allows hosted service providers to set us a cloud-based multi-tenant PBX system based on CompletePBX management system. During the two-day multi-tenant PBX training, Xorcom trainers explained the multi-tenant architecture and...

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VoIP Phone System installation for Hotel, Colombia

VoIP Phone System installation for Hotel, Colombia Atton Hotel El Tesoro Xorcom made our IP Telephony installation very smooth; the new Aton hotel VoIP phone system gives more personalized treatment to guests, facilitates better service opportunities to staff, and provides better control to the technical team. But the real beauty is the fast and friendly deployment when compared to traditional...

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Xorcom Scores Highest in PBX Customer Satisfaction

  “Xorcom scored highest in four of 10 customer satisfaction measurements”  in an Eastern Management Group research titled “Premises and Hosted PBX Customer Satisfaction Report”, and reached the top overhaul position for customer satisfaction.  The study looked into customer satisfaction for 16 different vendors:   3CX  8X8 Alcatel-Lucent  Avaya  Cisco  Digium  Huawei...

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CompletePBX 5.0.64 – Trunks, IP Phone Provisioning & More

Trunk Settings The default ring-time for trunks is now set at 120 seconds (previously 30 seconds) under Settings -> PBX Settings -> System General: It is now possible to set Channel, and not only Channel Group, as a destination for trunks (PBX -> External -> Trunks -> DAHDI Trunk Parameters): Validation was added to the number of Channel Groups that may be configured (the system...

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CompletePBX 5.0.63 – PBX High Availability Improvements & More

TwinStar PBX High-Availability Improvements TwinStar failover upon network disconnection TwinStar can now be set to detect network disconnection and failover to the secondary server in such case This is useful when each of the TwinStar servers is connected through a different switch In case of network disconnection, the active server will jump control to the secondary server and the secondary...

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Xorcom to Participate in IT Expo 2019

 Xorcom will be located in booth #413 at the expo, Jan 30 – Feb 1.All Xorcom guests are eligible to:FREE access to the Keynotes & General Sessions in Floridian BallroomFREE workshopsFREE networking receptionsFREE unlimited Expo Hall...

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CompletePBX 5.0.62 – Cisco SPA IP Phone Provisioning

Cisco SPA 303 & SPA 502G Provisioning Cisco SPA 303 and Cisco SPA 502G models are now supported by the Endpoint manager with all its provisioning features: Other VM notification email now supports languages that require UTF8 encoded for subject and email body text. Bug Fixes   FOP2 Switchboard grouping was destroyed after renaming of the entity (extension, queue, conference etc.).  Fixed. ...

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CompletePBX 5.0.61 – Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that caused the PBX to consider a hot desking extension as an available queue agent even when all extension’s devices are logged off Firewall configuration is applied much faster. The current IP connection statuses are preserved after this procedure. Microsoft Internet Explorer issue fixed. The minimum IE version is 11 The PBX Status report doesn’t generate an error...

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CompletePBX 5.0.60 – Improved CDR & PBX GUI

CDR (Call Details Record) Improvements Hot Desking login and logout is now visible in CDR reports.  When a user logs into or out of a device this will generate a line in the CDR showing the extension (user), device and action performed (login/logout): CDR filtering by time (hour of the day) – previously simple filtering was only available by dates.  From now it is possible to filter by...

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CompletePBX 5.0.59 – Improved IP Phone Provisioning and More

Import/Export Endpoint Manager Device Mapping A new Import/Export feature was added to Endpoint Manager IP phone provisioning module: The feature works like all the other import/export features in CompletePBX, and allows for importing IP Phones to Device Mapping by their MAC addresses. The Import Export CSV file (ODS and JASON also available), is seen below.  Each column clearly states whether...

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New Line of IP Phones

Xorcom announces a new line of IP phones available 2019.  The new line includes four models and a new color expansion unit. The new line includes: two color phones:  UC924, UC926 with an option to connect up to 6 UC46 expansion units. UC912G – 1GB phone with dynamic buttons UC902 – basic IP phone with POE and great voice quality The new UC IP Phone line is fully compatible with...

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CompletePBX 5.0.58 – Improved Reporting and Email Integration

DID (Direct Inbound Dialing) in Queue Log Special messages that contain DID information are sent now to the “queue_log”.  It is now possible to create reports based on DID in Call Center Statistics.   Changing “From” Email Address for System Notifications It is now possible to define the “envelop From e-mail address” in the Origin field in ADMIN ->...

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CompletePBX 5.0.57 – Improved Security & Management

New Password Policy Enforcement In order to increase the PBX security, a new password policy will now be enforced by default.  The policy may be changed by the system administrator (Admin -> Security -> Passwords -> Policy) The new policy enforces strong passwords for GUI and VoIP users (devices) by not allowing the user to create a new device or user with a weak password or save...

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CompletePBX 5.0.56 – Bug Fixes

Fixes IVR direct dial to extension failed when the extension had either a mobile device or another external destination (such as call forward to an external number).  Fixed. Import extensions did not create users.  When creating an extension manually, a user (= portal user) is automatically created.  However, when using Import Extensions, such users were not automatically created, causing issues...

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CompletePBX 5.0.55 – Gigaset IP Phones Support & More

Gigaset Maxwell IP Phones Provisioning   Gigaset IP phones are now supported by CompletePBX Endpoint Manager. The following models are supported:  Gigaset Maxwell Basic, Maxwell 2 and Maxwell 3 models. New Voicemail Destination – No Greeting A new “voicemail (skip greeting)” destination was added to the destination list.  This destination will send the caller directly to...

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CompletePBX 5.0.54 – Click-to-Dial & Stabilization

Click-to-Dial from User Portal CompletePBX phone system user portal now allows the user to click-to-dial directly from any phonebook When clicking on any phone number in the phonebook on the user’s portal, the user’s extension will ring and upon picking up the phone it will automatically dial the required destination. Direct link to the CompletePBX user manual A direct link to the...

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New Voice Recording MoH Service from Xorcom

Xorcom announces a new professional voice-recording and music-on-hold (MoH) service. As part of the service, Xorcom customers may order custom recordings with royalty-free music for their CompletePBX phone systems in order to improve the customer-experience and PBX efficiency and effectiveness. As of the release of the new service, Xorcom offers 3 language-selection:  English, French, and...

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CompletePBX 5.0.53 – Improvements in Ring Group, Fax, Call Recording and more

User-Friendly Filenames for Recorded Calls It is now possible to automatically change the recorded calls filenames to more user-friendly names using a scheduled job in the Task Manager. The script will overwrite the default system filenames with more descriptive filenames The format of the revised filename will be:  [direction]_[source]_[destination]_[date_time]_[duration]_[id].  For...

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CompletePBX 5.0.52 – Fixes GUI Crash after ddetect

DAHDI automatic configuration utility “ddetect” generates some configuration files with wrong ownership. As a result of that, any “Reload” operation done via the Web interface after running the utility fails.  This utility is normally run only on initial system setup, and not as a part of daily system operation. The issue was introduced in the previous version 5.0.51...

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CompletePBX 5.0.51 – Performance & User Experience Improvements

Phonebooks Improvements The PBX phonebooks are now available in the User Portal (User Portal:  Portal -> My Extension -> Phonebook) Each phonebook can be exposed to the User Portal or hidden from it, besides the Extensions (company directory) which does not have hide option. In case the admin does not want to expose phonebooks into the user portal at all, this could be done via permissions...

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Htek & Xorcom Announce UC900 Interoperability with CPBX

Nanjing,China, July26, 2018 – Htek, the global provider of enterprise class IP handsets, and Xorcom, designer and manufacturer of IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phones systems since 2004 ,announced today that the successful completion of interoperability testing and auto-provisioning integration between Htek’s UC900 series IP phones and Xorcom CompletePBX . This successful interoperability...

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Telecommunications – Odyssey Systems (United Kingdom)

“The quality of support and speed of response to queries is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend David and TeleSpeak when looking for a flexible and adaptive Telecom solution.”


Hospitality – The Springs Resort & Spa (USA)

“We chose Xorcom because the hospitality-focused features of Complete Concierge, the Astribank hardware, and the PMS integration met our requirements perfectly — at half the cost of some of the competing bids.”


Education – El Dorado Schools (USA)

“With Xorcom, we didn’t have to change our network switches, we were able to fully implement the proper VoIP design on the existing infrastructure.”


Manufacturing – Crossville (USA)

“The fact that we got the ability to make our own decisions in the future, and weren’t hamstrung by expensive licensing and support, were what drew me to the Xorcom product.”


Hospitality – Hotel Jerome (USA)

“The Xorcom solution allows us to get what we need, and then later expand, without having additional burdens such as license restrictions.”


IT – Correct Group (United Kingdom)

“The Xorcom system is a reliable, scalable and easily configurable voice solution.”


Hospitality – Hotel Paradies (Switzerland)

“We were surprised how quickly the installation process went… we were able to use the new systems without problems on the afternoon of the first day.”


Senior Care – Redstone Highlands (USA)

“The Xorcom platform gives us the ability to deploy additional extensions very quickly, saving both time and money over the prior platform.”


Hospitality – Filitheyo Resort (Maldives)

“Xorcom made our IP Telephony transition very smooth. The new IP telephony system gives more personalized treatment to our guests, facilitates better service opportunities to our staff, and provides better control to the technical team.”


Government – RUAT (Bolivia)

“The Xorcom high availability solution provides reassurance about our communications system uptime.”


Real Estate – Shriram Properties (India)

“The Xorcom solution saves costs and improves employee productivity. It is the best phone system we ever experienced.”

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