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Xorcom, Developer of VoIP PBX Appliances and Software PBX, Company Overview

Xorcom designs and manufactures phones systems since 2004.

Using the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms in its CompletePBX OS, Xorcom provides solutions that are powerful yet user friendly, and highly secure and stable.

Xorcom award winning products are trusted by banks, government agencies, private corporations, public companies and small businesses in over 100 countries.

Xorcom offers a wide range of IP PBX appliances that support VoIP as well as legacy telephony including analog and digital telephony in hybrid phone systems, virtual PBX machines that allow running the organizational phone system as a virtual machine whether on-premise or in a data-center.

Xorcom works in cooperation with telecom carriers in different countries to provide their customers with leading-edge phone systems bundled with high quality service.

CompletePBX operating system utilizes the Ombutel management system, co-developed by Xorcom and Telesoft, to provide ease of use without compromising flexibility and capabilities of the phone system.

As part of the Asterisk open source PBX community, Xorcom is a proud contributor to the Asterisk code and has been awarded by Digium for its ongoing contribution. Xorcom’s XPP drivers are an integral part of Asterisk since 2006.

Xorcom products has been awarded Internet Telephony Expo Best of Show eight times.

Xorcom is ISO 9001 certified.

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