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On-line Basic VoIP PBX Training Opportunities

This free on-line SBC training teaches basic skills for Xorcom Session Border Controller

CompleteSBC (Session Border Controller) Training

In this course you will learn about the basic configuration of CompleteSBC, Xorcom’s integrated Session Border Controller for IP-PBX.

  1. Factory out-of-the-box defaults
  2. How to activate CompleteSBC
  3. How to disable CompleteSBC

Detailed Information

  • The course is Web-based and requires no special equipment or prior technical knowledge.
  • Participants need to register for the course via this Web form.
  • After submission of the form, the participant will receive a link to a single video recording that comprises the contents of the course.
  • After viewing the video (roughly 20 minutes long) the participant is prompted to take a quiz.
  • After successful completion of the quiz, the participant will receive an official “Certificate of Proficiency” via e-mail, and an invitation to continue to the advanced training.
SBC Basic Technical Training Certification
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