Case Studies

Xorcom Customers Share Their Experiences

Looking for reference sites, success stories, customer testimonials or simply other businesses who have similar requirements and found Xorcom to be the solution of choice? If so, you've come to the right place. Our current library of case studies includes implementations in the following vertical industries:

Vertical Industry
Company Name

Real Estate

Shriram Properties India XE3000 /


Inmobilaria Braglia Uruguay XR2000


Van Dorp Verhoog NVM Holland Astribank


Hotel Paradies Switzerland TwinStar + Complete Concierge
  Hotel Jerome USA Blue Steel + Complete Concierge
  The Springs Resort & Spa USA XE2000, Astribanks + Complete Concierge
  Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives XE3000, Astribanks + Complete Concierge
  Grand Crowne Resorts USA XE3000

Information Technology (IT)

INTRASOFT International S.A. Romania XE2000


FTS Israel XR3000


Correct Group United Kingdom XR2000


Empresas Gasso Gasso S.A. Dominican Republic XR3000


Lazada Viet Nam XR3000


Hardware & Lumber Jamaica XR3000


Multi-site Bank Ivory Coast XV3000


Bucharest Stock Exchange Romania XR3000


Circus Informatique Reunion Island XR2000


ESYD Greece Astribank


Cavanagh Isdell Ireland Astribank

Healthcare / Senior Care

Los Nogales Spain XR3000
  Redstone Highlands USA XR3000
  SAPP Uruguay XR2000
  Naperville Pediatric USA XR1000


MOHA Viet Nam XR3000
  RUAT Bolivia XR3000
  Federation of Shelters Holland Astribank


Comicon Kazakhstan XR3000
  Reed Midem United Kingdom XR2000
  Redbus Media United Kingdom XR2000


El Dorado Public Schools USA CXE2000, XR3000, XR2000, XR1000


Chabot Science Center USA XR2000
  Het Maatman Foundation Holland Astribank


Crossville USA CompletePBX TwinStar CTS3000
  TBC-Ball Viet Nam XE3000


Huntington Foam USA/Mexico XR2000


Q4 Recruitment United Kingdom XR2000
  Deacon Search United Kingdom XR2000


Stewart's Auto Sales Jamaica CXE3000


Circus Informatique Reunion Island XR2000
  Airbridge International Agencies United Kingdom XR2000


J.D. Law United Kingdom XR2000

Multi-Site Implementations

Huntington Foam (Manufacturing) USA/Mexico XR2000


Shriram Properties (Real Estate) India XE3000 /
  INTRASOFT International S.A. (IT) Romania XE2000
  Grand Crowne Resorts (Hospitality) USA XE3000
  Empresas Gasso Gasso S.A. (Retail) Dominican Republic XR3000
  Hardware & Lumber (Retail) Jamaica XR3000
  SAPP (Healthcare) Uruguay XR2000
  Private Commercial Bank (Finance) Ivory Coast XV3000


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